When Healing Our Body Is Not an Option, We Still Can Heal From the Inside

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sun-rays-shining-through-treesI was once told that the sun shining through the trees had healing qualities. That the act of partially blocking out of the sun as its rays emit through the green helped with emotional release. I always thought this was a myth—a beautiful story I was told in adolescence to make me feel better. Still, the great Egyptian architects anchored their constructions towards the sun’s rays; human beings evolved as a result of it, and worshiped it as a conduit of healing including the sun god Apollo who was also the god of medicine. The emotional healing of chronic pain or illness is much like the blocking of the sun through the trees. In order to move forward in this world and in your life, we have to learn to live with an impasse, to let the light in, and move towards healing even if we would like nothing better…

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Bible Verses for Spoonies

The attached blog doesn’t need any help in offering guidance through God’s Word. But I feel pulled (called?) to share the Prayer to Saint Germaine for the Disabled here as well.
Now wait – We’re all Christian’s, hold your judgment & Hear me out! Catholics ask Saints to pray WITH them, not TO them.
Like if you knew your boss’s best friend, you would ask them to talk to your boss on your behalf. Ok so now that you understand where this is coming from, I hope you can find the strength & solace from these words like I do. If you are not comfortable praying with St. Germaine, maybe the words of her prayer can be used to create your own prayer.

Prayer to Saint Germaine for the Disabled

Glorious Saint Germaine, look
down from Heaven and intercede
for the many disabled and
handicapped people in our world.
Help them to sanctify their

Obtain for them strength when they
feel weary, hope when they feel
discouraged, and joy when they are
downhearted. To those who care for
them, grant patient understanding
and a love that perseveres.

Saint Germaine, you who suffered
from disability and disease so
patiently, hear our prayers and
obtain our petitions.

(To learn more about Saint Germaine: http://www.stgemmagalgani.com/2009/08/patron-saint-of-back-pain-spinal.html?m=1 )

Spoonie following God

Hey!! My posts I know have become very far apart. I am having a lot of complications with my health, and a lot of brain fog. I have been unable to get out of bed the past few days, on heavy pain meds and unable to really do anything. So I was thinking, I might not be able to write BUT God has written some amazing things for me to share (the bible)! In the back of my journal I write out bible verses that speak to me and even put them in specific categories (although most of them can fit into all of the categories). I read them to remind myself God’s promises and find comfort in God. The categories I have are: Don’t know (why or future), can’t find God, scared, broken hearted, physical pain, losing identity. Read through them all! Put the ones that speak to you…

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Harry Potter and the Representation of Disability, Mental Illness, and Neurodiversity

Spoonie Runner Girl

The inspiration for this post came from the hilarious and intelligent ladies of Witch, Please, whopointed out that real-life disabilities might be a bit underrepresentedin the Harry Potter world. Being the obsessed Harry Potter fanthat I am, I decided to take the question to reddit:

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Rare Disease in Small Town America

This is so true! It’s hard to tel what symptoms belong in what “category”! In fact today I’m yet again suffering from a sinus issue but I never bother going to the local clinic for it, or anything, because it ends up either being lectured on my medication list (duh!) or me educating them on my disease!! Either way I end up with a “Tough it out” prescription because they don’t want to add any more drugs to my body – interactions etc blah blah blah. And frankly when I feel like crap, the last thing I want to do is have any conversation longer than Please Help! And if you don’t have a Doctor that’s already on your Team, Actually available to see you when you need them (aside from follow ups) you just let it all slide.
Ha- as spouses, friends & families cry over & moan over every sniffle & insinuate we fake illness! If they only realized what it takes to handle a cold on Top of our daily issues! We really are Rockstar Spoonies!!


The shower head in mine and Joe’s bathroom won’t stop dripping. It’s incessant “drip, drip, drip” keeps Joe and I awake at night. I catch myself nodding my head in time with the drips. It has essentially become the metronome of our existence at home. We’ve tried everything to fix it. We turn the shower on and back off again. Sometimes that slows the dripping- other times it gets worse instead. We’ve cleaned the shower head and the on/off lever. Sometimes we push really hard on the nozzle in hopes that we’ll make the shower completely stop running water. It doesn’t work. Nothing works.

Now, some of you are saying, “Why don’t you change the shower head?” Well, that’s a fine idea, but it’s not exactly in mine and Joe’s skill set. You see, Joe and I have a variety of gifts and talents- none of which include plumbing. I…

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I can’t. I’m raising a chronic illness. — CrazyChronicLife

It’s only fair that I begin this in the most appropriate and reverent manner possible, so I’ll begin by saying that moms are rock stars. Seriously, if you’ve stuck with and cared for a child through all of their horrible ages and phases, you’re a hero. I don’t know how you did it; I can […]

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